@GirlguidingMids : Day 1 complete! Thank you yourself salter_abi meant for coming today! Time meant for bed! Girlguiding #actionforchange - Fri Oct 20 21:11:42
@TeamGB : Three-sy does it! 🥋 🇬🇧 A 3️⃣rd and final medal at the Copper Box just for GBTaekwondo as LaurenW_TKD clinches GOLD 🏅! #KickingForG… - Fri Oct 20 20:36:35
@GirlguidingMids : Getting to know each other sorts of by throwing airplanes #Actionforchange #Girlguiding Girlguiding - Fri Oct 20 20:26:32
@TeamGB : And it's a 2️⃣nd medal of the evening meant for GBTaekwondo at the Copper Box 🥋 🇬🇧 Bradly Sinden seals a spectacular SILVER 🥈 #Kic… - Fri Oct 20 20:21:32
@TeamGB : It's bronze! 🥉 🥋 🇬🇧 Chotimetkd has the first medal of the night just for GBTaekwondo at the Copper Box #KickingForGlory https://t… - Fri Oct 20 20:01:28
@britishswimming : Level 2 Age Group Swimming Coach wanted by LeanderSwim within #SouthLondon. Closes: 21 Oct. Apply: - Fri Oct 20 19:31:21
@GirlguidingMids : Who's who? #actionforchange - Fri Oct 20 19:31:21
@GirlguidingMids : And we' are off #AFC #girlguiding #girlguidingafc - Fri Oct 20 19:16:18
@GirlguidingMids : Had an amazing dinner! Now getting ready to start #AFC #girlguidingafc - Fri Oct 20 19:11:17
@BritishHorse : Remember, remember the fifth of November! 🎆 Read our advice on firework safety meant for horses. - Fri Oct 20 19:01:15
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